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Manage your schedule, tasks, and habits with ease, all in one intuitive platform.

    "It all started as a routine manager. I began building the day planner around this idea, and the other features naturally fell into place."— Jonas Hendel
  • What is Thrivo?

    Thrivo is a day planner designed for quick planning and easy editing. Instead of typing out your plans, you can create events using your pre-set activities, routines, or tasks. Editing your schedule is super easy with a drag-and-drop feature. Thrivo also provides analytics on how you planned and spent your time. It syncs with your calendar and reminders, and has a focus mode to help you stay distraction-free.

  • Who is behind Thrivo? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

    I'm Jonas, a 19-year-old student living in Norway and Germany. I'm currently studying Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich and I quit my part-time job as a software developer to create Thrivo.

  • Why did you build Thrivo? How did you come up with the idea?

    I built Thrivo to improve my own productivity and get more organised. I couldn't find a day planner that I liked because they were often clunky and filled with unnecessary features. Plus, I wanted to learn SwiftUI. It all started as a routine manager. I began building the day planner around this idea, and the other features naturally fell into place. I never wrote down any concept or plan for the app, I just used the app myself, figured out what was missing or what would be a nice addition and implemented it.

  • Do you want to share some numbers? Downloads, Users, MMR, whatever works for you!

    Thrivo launched about three months ago and has had 1,510 downloads since then and so far, it has made $617. Day Planners are a highly competitive niche so I am ranking pretty low in the AppStore so I have to do all my user acquisition using other channels like TikTok and Reddit.

  • Why Swift? What made you choose it for your project?

    I chose Swift because it makes it really easy to deliver a polished product. Especially now that SwiftUI is relatively good you can create new features and apps so quickly.

  • What do you dislike about Swift? Would you choose a different framework if you had to start over?

    Sometimes in SwiftUI, you have to go back to UIKit for more advanced features, which can be annoying. Despite this, I would choose SwiftUI again unless there was a strong need to support Android users. In my experience, iPhone users tend to spend more money, and I find React and Flutter apps less attractive than native apps.

  • This Q&A was published on June 2024.